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-=About the Server=-\r\nSpartanPvP is a factions/PVP server that has been running for over a year. We are hosted on a dedicated server with absolutely NO LAG and DDoS protection. We have many cool features such as a PVP arena, Custom Duels Plugin, and a sexy spawn. Join now to have the best time of your life!\r\n\r\n-=Features=-\r\n1. No Whitelist! Join and have fun\r\n2. Factions (Claim your land and build your army)\r\n3. Large Admin Shop (Buy and sell your items in our shop)\r\n4. Custom 1vs1 duels plugin! (PVP your enemies in our custom arenas without interference)\r\n5. Dedicated server with DDoS protection (NO LAG)\r\n6. MCMMO!\r\n7. Custom Loot Protector! (Nobody can take your kill loot for 10 seconds)\r\n8. Practice FREE FOR ALL Arena!