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LAG FREE! 24/7 uptime!\r\n\r\nReal, fun, survival Minecraft server, with some perks. Looking for Staff to help. WorldEdit is allowed for all players. Region flags are also usable so that you may freely assign flags to your regions.\r\n\r\nRules: No Grief/Theft! No cussing No advertising Have fun! Keep it fun for others!\r\nPlugins: [Essentials] [WorldEdit] [BuycraftX] [WorldGuard]\r\nOwner/Admins/Moderators: Banshiii\r\n\r\nServer Name: RealMC Real Minecraft\r\nServer Location: United States West Coast\r\nServer Address:\r\nGame Play Type/s: [Adventure] [Semi-Vanilla] [PvP]