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Welcome to AberrationGaming Network we currently have 2 servers as of 4/20/18 with the other 2 servers launching within the first few days of launch. We currently have 2 flagship servers that being SurvivalPvP and Feudal. SurvivalPvP is not your standard survival we have towns were you can buy your very own plots or you can venture off and start your own town and even protect it with your own perms, we also will have a story based quest system that will play you into the creation of some of the towns and also how the feudal spawn kingdom was founded. Feudal is alot like factions but better its more medieval but has a role system built into it. Currently the other two servers we have are SkyBlock, and Creative. SkyBlock is 90% done just need to fix the perms, and Creative is about 25% done as that it will be a donor only server anyways. Hope to see you on the server.